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“Joining and Coordinating Forces”—The Operational Metasystem (Part 1)
A key term in the VSM is “metasystem”, and Stafford Beer introduced it to avoid the negative connotations of the term “hierarchy”. Expand
“Whoever Owns the Gold Makes the Rules”—Dysfunctionalities in the Organization’s Purpose
The purpose has emerged in the previous chapter as one of the key factors determining the organization’s overall equilibrium. Expand
“This Has Historical Reasons …”—Dysfunctionalities in the Basic Architecture
The first chapter of volume 2 investigates the dysfunctionalities related to the systemic architecture of the organization due to missing, wrongly connected or divided system functions. Expand
Organizing the Secondary Functions
This chapter focuses on the organizational structure of the secondary functions. Expand
The Inner Adaptation Processes—The “Right Wing” of Organizations (Part 2)
This chapter focuses on the adaptation processes within the system functions as one of the key elements to restore the holistic perspective in an organization (called the “right wing” of anExpand
The “Interior Design” (Part 2): Designing the Metasystemic Functions
This chapter focuses on the design of the metasystemic functions at every recursion level and the inter-recursive channels. Expand
“Organization in 3D”: Discovering the Systemic Dimension of Organizations
This chapter discloses the systemic profile of each corporate function such as sales, procurement, and finance. This chapter describes in-depth how they operate and contribute individually to theExpand
The Recursivity of Organizations
“Verticality” is an important feature of organizations and it typically means arranging tasks in a hierarchical form across several levels. Expand
The “Interior Design” (Part 3): How Can We Achieve Synergies?
Synergies play a vital role in organizations; they are one of its key foundations. Expand