Wolfgang Kundt

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Almost 40 years after the discovery of pulsars – and despite a plethora of secured data on them – pul-sar theory is still beset by a number of fundamental inconsistencies. In this short contribution, I will argue that (i) magnetars do not exist, (ii) (ordinary) pulsars turnoff (or 'die') when their wind pressure falls short of keeping the CSM at a safe(More)
Wolfgang Priester zum 65. Geburtstag gewidmet Wolfgang Priester war und ist eine bedeutende Figur in der deutschen Astrophysik des 20. Jahrhunderts. In seinem Btiro trafen sich alle Wege. In seiner 25-j~hrigen T~itigkeit als Co-Direktor der Bonner astronomischen Institute hatte er Rat und aufmunternde Worte for jeden, liel3 keine Mil3stimmung aufkommen und(More)
1 Written collectively as “Golden Oldie XXX; each author is signed under his segment. 2 Copernicus Astronomical Center, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland; e-mail: akr@camk.edu.pl 3 Eduard-Steinle-Straβe 19, 70 619 Stuttgart, Germany. 4 29 Washington Square West, New York, NY 10011, USA; e-mail: elschucking@msn.com 5 Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mail(More)
E x B-drifting jets have been generally ignored for the past 25 years even though they may well describe all the astrophysical jet sources, both on galactic and stellar scales. Here we present closed-form solutions for their joint field-and-particle distribution, argue that the observed jets are near equipartition, with extremely relativistic,(More)
We are still far from understanding how pulsars pulse, how neutron stars are born, what neutron stars can emit, and in which way they do this. In this short communication, I list 18 alternatives – several of them old, a few of them new – which are handled differently by different authors but all of which are crucial for a model of neutron stars to be(More)
This paper first discusses the historical context of the influential “Exact Solutions” book, which was co-authored by Malcolm MacCallum. It then makes various technical points about such solutions. It is useful to characterize solutions in terms of the properties of matter they contain or the kinds of test particle motions which are possible. It is also(More)
An overview is given in section 1, of uncertain building blocks of present-day cosmologies. Thereafter, these edited lecture notes deal with the following four special problems: (1) They advertise Wiltshire’s result – making ‘dark energy’ obsolete – that accelerated cosmic expansion may be an artefact, due to an incorrect evaluation of the cosmic timescale(More)