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Methods for Transdisciplinary Research: A Primer for Practice
To solve real-world issues, the model of transdisciplinary research, which uses approaches from both the hard and social sciences, has recently come to the forefront. It allows researchers to look atExpand
Society as experiment: sociological foundations for a self-experimental society
Experiments are generally thought of as actions or operations undertaken to test a scientific hypothesis in settings detached from the rest of society. In this paper a different notion of experimentExpand
Society as a laboratory: the social risks of experimental research
Professor Wolfgang Krohn and Priv-Doz Dr Johannes Weyer are in the Fakultat fur Soziologie, Universitat Bielefeld, Universitatsstrasse 25, D-33615 Bielefeld, Germany. This paper was written inExpand
Finalization in science
The expansion of science Derek de Solla Price has calculated that the number of scientists is growing three times as fast as the world population has to an increasing degree become subject toExpand
Selforganization : portrait of a scientific revolution
Selforganization - the Convergence of Ideas. An Introduction.- I. Epistemological Foundations.- Science and Daily Life: The Ontology of Scientific Explanations.- Self-Organization, EmergentExpand
Commentary: Nuclear Power as a Social Experiment—European Political “Fall Out” from the Chernobyl Meltdown*
Society has become an experimentation field for complex technologies. Nuclear power plants are being sold as well-developed products by industry, they are legitimated as necessary for the futureExpand