Wolfgang Kratz

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A general introduction of the bait-lamina test has been made in this article. This article has an introductional character for other articles dealing with the bait-lamina test method and gives the experimental data. The test was first introduced by Törne in 1990 to measure the biological activity of soil. It enables the monitoring of biotic (microbial and(More)
The knowledge of plasma volume (PV) is a basic requirement for the standardization of plasma exchange therapy. PV has to be determined by calculation, as the measurement of PV before every plasma exchange is too cost- and time consuming. A known correlation with measured values results from calculation of plasma volume by means of patient's height and(More)
Changes in the physicochemical properties of three kinds of litter (Prunus serotina leaves, Carpinus betulus leaves, and Pinus sylvestris needles) were analyzed by differential scanning calorimetry and differential thermogravimetry after decomposition for 12 to 27 months under field conditions. As expected, holocellulose was always decomposed to a larger(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe patients' functional uses of 3 commercial wrist orthoses, to describe patients' preference patterns for the orthoses, and to clarify orthotic attributes that are viewed positively and negatively. METHODS Using a cross-over design, 42 patients with definite rheumatoid arthritis used each of 3 commercial orthoses for one week. There(More)
A comparison is made between oribatid fauna (Acari, Oribatida) in the urban regions of West Berlin and forest areas. There are characteristic species compositions living in urban soils, in epilithic moss cushions or on the bark of trees. The urban environment obviously causes a change in the species pattern in these types of habitats and minimizes the(More)
A model soil food chain of a ruderal ecosystem has been constructed in order to study the uptake, transfer, and accumulation of [14C]pentachlorophenate (PCP-Na). The model was based on three food levels, viz. baker's yeast, collembola, and carabid beetles, and the contaminant chemical introduced was via initial food. Continuous exposure of the organisms to(More)
Material und Methode: An einem Fichtenholz-Fachwerkstfinder (12 c m x 14 cm) wurde die Feuchteaufnahme fiber die unbehandelten Grenzflachen zu den Gefachen w/ihrend und nach dem Ausmauern und Verputzen bestimmt. Ein Gefach wurde mit Strohlehmziegeln, Lehmm6rtel und Lehmputz ausgemauert, das andere mit Kalksandsteinen, Kalkm6rtel und Kalkputz. Die fiber die(More)