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We evaluated and compared four in vitro assays to detect androgen agonists and antagonists in an international interlaboratory study. Laboratory 1 used a cell proliferation assay (assay 1) with human mammary carcinoma cells stably transfected with human androgen receptor. The other laboratories used reporter gene assays, two based on stably transfected(More)
Challenging tasks, increasing demands, and new generations of powerful analytical instruments initiated considerable progress in aquatic environmental analysis and led to a considerable improvement of analytical performance during the last few years. The ever growing number of emerging pollutants is tackled by specific and highly sensitive analytical(More)
We report on theoretical investigations of intermetallic phases derived from the ThMn12-type crystal structure. Our computational high-throughput screening (HTS) approach is extended to an estimation of the anisotropy constant K1, the anisotropy field Ha and the energy product (BH)max. The calculation of K1 is fast since it is based on the crystal field(More)
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