Wolfgang Janko

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Many predict a shift in the way organizations function as the World Wide Web becomes the predominant way that people gain access to computer applications and information. As organizations graft Web interfaces to their legacy systems and conceive of entire new information systems that take advantage of the Web infrastructure, a new field called Web(More)
An algorithm is described which is an insertion sort producing a single linked list. The sorting method is insensitive to the key distribution. In comparison with alternative insertion sort algorithms like Shellsort algorithms, simple list insertion, and binary tree insertion, this subroutine is comparable in speed with sorting algorithms of the Shellsort(More)
Processing and lnformu~itrn Managcmcn~ Univcrsi~y nf Economics Vionno Augasse 2.6. A-1090 Vienna AUSllil 1. Introduction 2. The system of rules and the imptementation nf the inference machine Rule based systems have won atuactivity, because the realization of expert systems for commercial, scientific and technical applications is mainly based on such(More)
Rank oriented models do not assume that we can exactly quantify the value of an alternative. They do not even assume that we know anything about the distribution of the utility, loss or other observable quantities characterizing an alternative’s utility. We only assume that we are able to rank the alternatives drawn. However the necessity to introduce(More)