Wolfgang Janko

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PANEL THEME Many predict a shift in the way organizations function as the World Wide Web becomes the predominant way that people gain access to computer applications and information. As organizations graft Web interfaces to their legacy systems and conceive of entire new information systems that take advantage of the Web infrastructure, a new field called(More)
Processing and lnformu~itrn Managcmcn~ Univcrsi~y nf Economics Vionno Augasse 2.6. A-1090 Vienna AUSllil 1. Introduction 2. The system of rules and the imptementation nf the inference machine Rule based systems have won atuactivity, because the realization of expert systems for commercial, scientific and technical applications is mainly based on such(More)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the benefit of formal verification for software development. As basis the work of Feinerer [2005] is used. There already various tools are compared and their use for software development is explained. This paper is extended with an economic component for a more general discussion. The economic component consists(More)
The demand for internet content rose dramatically in recent years. Servers became more and more powerful and the bandwidth of end user connections and backbones grew constantly during the last decade. Nevertheless users often experience poor performance when they access web sites or download files. Reasons for such problems are often performance problems(More)