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Although site-specific direction of drugs within an organism would benefit patients with many diseases, active drug targeting is clinically not yet possible. To overcome some of the problems associated with active drug targeting, we have developed a magnetic fluid to which drugs, cytokines, and other molecules can be chemically bound to enable those agents(More)
Anticancer drugs reversibly bound to magnetic fluids (ferrofluids) could be concentrated in locally advanced tumors by magnetic fields that are arranged at the tumor surface outside of the organism. If certain requirements are met, systemic toxicity might be minimized, and local tumor efficacy might be increased. We have conducted a Phase I clinical trial(More)
Modulation of tumor blood flow could be of clinical importance, especially when it is combined with radio- or chemotherapy. Serotonin (5-HT), a naturally occurring agent, selectively reduces tumor blood flow and consecutively inhibits the growth of many animal tumors. Therefore, we introduce a new preparation that allows the study of topically applied 5-HT(More)
Computationally aided construction management tasks require the integration of information provided by numerous domain disciplines. The required information is authored in software products specifically tailored to the needs of each domain and may not be available in the desired structure. A uniform data handling concept is sought in order to integrate all(More)
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