Wolfgang Hess

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Verbmobil is a speaker-independent system that offers translation assistance in dialogue situations. In co-operation with other institutes we are developing the speech synthesis module within Verbmobil for German and American English. Current priority is given to an enhancement of naturalness of our PSOLA based concatenative synthesis of German. Due to a(More)
Within VERBMOBIL, a large project on spoken language research in Germany, two modules for detecting and recognizing prosodic events have been developed. One module operates on speech signal parameters and the word hypothesis graph, whereas the other module, designed for a novel, highly interactive architecture, only uses speech signal parameters as its(More)
In this paper, we describe a new approach for speaker independent automatic phoneme alignment. Typical algorithms for this task use only phoneme-to-frame similarity measures which are somehow maximised or minimised. In addition to such similarity measures, we use phoneme duration hypotheses generated by the speech synthesis system HADIFIX [1]. For(More)
The severe global impacts of the recent financial crises have intensified the need to understand how country specific shocks are transmitted to other countries. Using spatial econometrics techniques, we analyze to what extent various linkages between countries affect the interdependence of their stock markets. We analyze a number of different linkages:(More)
In speech synthesis by unit concatenation a major point is the de nition of the unit inventory Diphone or demisyllable inventories are widely used but both unit types have their drawbacks This paper describes a mixed inventory structure which is syllable oriented but does not demand a de nite decision about the position of a syllable boundary In the de ni(More)
Portable laser range-finders, further referred to as LIDAR, and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) are an efficient method of acquiring as-built floor plans. Generating and visualizing floor plans in real-time helps the operator assess the quality and coverage of capture data. Building a portable capture platform necessitates operating under(More)