Wolfgang Hatzack

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Robotic soccer is a challenging research domain because problems in robotics, artiicial intelligence, multi-agent systems and real-time reasoning have to be solved in order to create a successful team of robotic soccer players. In this paper, we describe the key components of the CS Freiburg team. We focus on the self-localization and object recognition(More)
Robotic soccer is an ideal task to demonstrate new techniques and explore new problems. Moreover, problems and solutions can easily be communicated because soccer is a well-known game. Our intention in building a robotic soccer team and participating in RoboCup-98 was, first, to demonstrate the usefulness of the self-localization methods we have developed.(More)
Robotic soccer is a challenging research domain that can be used to explore new problems and to demonstrate new techniques. We participated in RoboCup'98 in order to explore the problems of cooperation in multi-robot-systems and to demonstrate our self-localization techniques based on laser range nders. In this paper we sketch the main technical points of(More)
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