Wolfgang Hasse

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Given, in an arbitrary spacetime (M, g), a 2-dimensional timelike subman-ifold Σ and an observer field n on Σ, we assign gravitational, centrifugal, Coriolis and Euler forces to every particle worldline λ in Σ with respect to n. We prove that centrifugal and Coriolis forces vanish, for all λ in Σ with respect to any n, if and only if Σ is a photon(More)
In Schwarzschild spacetime the value r = 3m of the radius coordinate is characterized by three different properties: (a) there is a " light sphere " , (b) there is " centrifugal force reversal " , (c) it is the upper limiting radius for a non-transparent Schwarschild source to act as a gravitational lens that produces infinitely many images. In this paper(More)
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