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Mainly between 1945 and 1955, several thousand German patients with ankylosing spondylitis, tuberculosis, or--in a few cases--other diseases received multiple injections of the short-lived alpha-particle emitter radium-224. In the early 1950s, the follow-up of 899 patients was initiated, and the study has continued since then. It includes most of the(More)
On the basis of a prospective analysis of 107 adenocarcinomas of the gastro-esophageal junction we propose a differentiation into adenocarcinomas of Barrett's esophagus (endobrachyesophagus), "real" carcinoma of the cardia, and subcardial carcinoma of the fundus. This classification allows the determination of an adequate surgical resection. Therefore the(More)
Mandibular condyles of late embryonic NMRI mice were used to study the effect of the FBR murine osteosarcoma virus in an in vitro tissue culture system. Chondroprogenitor cells and chondroblastic cells present in the condylar tissue normally undergo rapid differentiation in vitro which results in an advanced stage of bone formation. The infection of(More)
The hepatocarcinogenic effect of Clophen A 30 and Clophen A 60 was tested in male weanling rats by long-term feeding over a period of 832 days. The mortality rate was investigated in 100-day intervals. In the first 800 days liver carcinoma accounted for 21% of necropsies in the Clophen A 60 group but only 2% of the necropsies in the Clophen A 30 group and(More)
This study is comprised of 1577 ankylosing spondylitis patients from 9 German hospitals who have been treated with multiple injections of (224)Ra. The majority of the patients, most of them treated in the years 1948-1975, received one series of 10 weekly intravenous injections of about 1 MBq of (224)Ra each. This dose leads to a mean absorbed dose due to(More)
1. Die vorliegende Arbeit berichtet über systematische histoenzymatische Untersuchungen und befaßt sich mit grundsätzlichen und methodischen Problemen sowie mit Untersuchungen zur vergleichenden Histoenzymatik beim Menschen und verschiedenen warmblütigen Wirbeltieren. 2. Der histochemische Nachweis hydrolytischer Enzyme (Phosphatasen und Esterasen) erfolgt(More)
Percutaneous CT-guided biopsies were carried out in 350 patients; on 291 occasions, 14- or 18-gauge and, on 59 occasions, an 0.95 mm cutting biopsy cannula was employed. Using the 14- and 18-gauge needles, a histological diagnosis was possible in 191 cases, a sensitivity of 82.7%. The 0.95 mm cannulas proved successful in 39 of the 59 punctures, producing a(More)
The nuclear morphology of preneoplastic and unaltered hepatocytes in diethylnitrosamine-treated rats was investigated. Two-micrometer-thick sections of methacrylate-embedded liver were scanned with a TV camera and evaluated in a computer using multivariate analysis methods. The preneoplastic cell populations (islands) were distinguished from unaltered(More)