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PURPOSE To compare the effectiveness and tolerability of gemcitabine plus cisplatin with single-agent gemcitabine as first-line chemotherapy for locally advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with advanced adenocarcinoma of the pancreas were randomly assigned to receive either gemcitabine 1,000 mg/m2 and cisplatin 50 mg/m2(More)
Bronchoscopic training courses are an essential part of the education in bronchoscopy for all kinds of specialisations and professions performing such investigations. All aspects of the application should be mentioned during a course. These recommendations are necessary because the number of bronchoscopies performed in the last years has increased due to(More)
BACKGROUND Lung volume reduction of emphysematous lobes results in clinical improvement for patients with severe emphysema. However, some segments within a lobe are often substantially more diseased than others, thereby warranting a more targeted approach of the emphysematous parts of a lobe. We therefore did a study to assess whether or not selective(More)
BACKGROUND The lung volume reduction (LVR) coil is a minimally invasive bronchoscopic nitinol device designed to reduce hyperinflation and improve elastic recoil in severe emphysema. We investigated the feasibility, safety and efficacy of LVR coil treatment in a prospective multicentre cohort trial in patients with severe emphysema. METHODS Patients were(More)
BACKGROUND Bronchoscopic coil treatment has been shown to improve pulmonary function, exercise capacity, and quality of life in patients with severe emphysema. OBJECTIVES To perform a meta-analysis of the results of four independent European clinical trials investigating this coil therapy for emphysema. METHODS Data on all patients included in the four(More)
BACKGROUND Although lobar patterns of emphysema heterogeneity are indicative of optimal target sites for lung volume reduction (LVR) strategies, the presence of segmental, or sublobar, heterogeneity is often underappreciated. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to understand lobar and segmental patterns of emphysema heterogeneity, which may more precisely(More)
Human monocytes are subdivided into classical, intermediate, and nonclassical subsets, but there is no unequivocal strategy to dissect the latter 2 cell types. We show herein that the cell surface marker 6-sulfo LacNAc (slan) can define slan-positive CD14(+)CD16(++) nonclassical monocytes and slan-negative CD14(++)CD16(+) intermediate monocytes. Gene(More)
The case of a 66-year-old, asymptomatic patient with a papillary adenoma of type-II pneumocytes is reported. Following the coincidental radiologic finding of a solitary pulmonary nodule, the diagnosis could be established in a bronchoscopically obtained endobronchial biopsy. A resection of the involved segments S8-10 on the left side was performed.(More)
Asthma bronchiale und chronische obstruktive Lungenerkrankung (COPD) sind Volkskrankheiten mit steigender Inzidenz. Welchen Beitrag können neue Optionen der interventionellen Pneumologie in der Therapie leisten? Darstellung der bronchialen Thermoplastie (BT) bei Asthma bronchiale und der gezielten Lungendenervierung („targeted lung denervation“, TLD) bei(More)