Wolfgang Gawlik

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With increasing photovoltaic (PV) penetration in low voltage networks (LVNs), voltage regulation is a challenge. Active power curtailment (APC) is one possible solution for mitigating over voltages resulting from active power injection in LVNs. There is an inherent unfairness in the APC scheme. When generation is high and consumption is low, the voltages at(More)
Die Erweiterung der Verteilnetze um Smart-Grid-Technologien bietet die Chance, mithilfe von innovativen Regelstrategien für dezentrale Erzeugungsanlagen die Versorgungssicherheit zu erhalten und zu erhöhen. Im Forschungsprojekt SORGLOS werden daher Methoden und Algorithmen entwickelt, um in einzelnen Netzabschnitten (Microgrids) mittels vorhandener(More)
The main objective was to focus theoretical and experimental research on biomagnetism phenomena, with the specific aim to develop all-optical sensors dedicated to their detection and suitable for applications in clinical diagnostics. The paper presents some of the most recent results obtained during the exchange visits of the involved scientists, after an(More)
This paper presents novel separate methods for finding optimal locations, sizes of multiple distributed generators (DGs) simultaneously and operational power factor in order to minimize power loss and improve the voltage profile in the distribution system. A load concentration factor (LCF) is introduced to select the optimal location(s) for DG placement.(More)