Wolfgang G. Knauss

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An apparatus has been designed and implemented to measure the elastic tensile properties (Young’s modulus and tensile strength) of surface micromachined polysilicon specimens. The tensile specimens are “dog-bone” shaped ending in a large “paddle” for convenient electrostatic or, in the improved apparatus, ultraviolet (UV) light curable adhesive gripping(More)
An experimental program to determine t ie pi-enomenological aspects of composite-panel failure under simultaneous compressive n-plane loading and low-velocity transverse impact [C-75 m/s (0-250 ftls)] is described. Highspeed photograohy coupled with the shadow-moire techniq~e is usec to record the phenomenon of failure propagatior. The informat on gained(More)
Experimentation at the micron level requires specific tools and methods. It will be illustrated how some of these tools have to be combined to achieve this goal. Because the determination of strains at the micron and nanoscales has been explored with the aid of probe microscopy, attention needs to be devoted to the limitations of digital image correlation.(More)
Subscriber Category IB energy and environment Transportation Research Board publications are available by ordering individual publications directly from the TRB Business Office, through the Internet at www.TRB.org or national-academies.org/trb, or by annual subscription through organizational or individual affiliation with TRB. Affiliates and library(More)
The fracture behavior of polymers is reviewed with emphasis on the time dependent aspects of the problem. Following a delineation of the history of crack propagatior. i~vestigations in linearly viscoelastic materials, the effects of temperature and solvent environment are examined besides the special effects arising from fatigue loading. These phenomena are(More)
Improvements are proposed in the application of the Digital Image Correlation method, a technique that compares digital images of a specimen surface before and after deformation to deduce its surface (2-D) displacement field and strains. These refinements, tested on translations and rigid body rotations were significant with regard to the computer(More)
The problem of failure of load-bearing structures by fracture is generally important in all phases of our society. It may concern small household items as well as expensive structures of civil or space applications and accordingly may cause varying degrees of economic distress. While the state of failure is usually easily determined as either “not failed”(More)
The role of binder deformation and the associated energy dissipation on the detonation sensitivity of plastically bonded explosives is considered by accounting for dilatation-sensitive viscoelastic shear response. Following the observation that pressurization can prolong the relaxation and retardation times of a viscoelastic elastomer tremendously, the(More)
A crack moving dynamically through a sheet of Polymethylmethacrylate at high average velocity is found in reality to propagate in a non-steady, periodic, and perhaps discontinuous fashion. The spatial period of the fracture process in the direction of travel, or banding morphology, is of millimeter size and is consistent both in magnitude and discontinuous(More)