Wolfgang Fuerst

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Two different processes take their courses during the permeation of substances through lipid membranes. The substance must pass across the diffusion layers on the membranes and also across the lipid barrier proper. The effects of these two processes on the permeation vary with the kind of the membrane and of the substance as well as with the diffusion layer(More)
Crohn's disease (CD) and multiple sclerosis (MS) share familial occurrence and similar epidemiological traits. Apart from one report of both diseases occurring among consanguineous relatives, only three cases of CD and MS in the same patient have thus far been described. We describe here a 29-year-old woman in whom MS developed in 1983 and CD in 1989. The(More)
An in-vitro model is presented which consists on several membrane Layers. The penetration of drugs from the ointment bases into these membrane Layers is observed. By combination of different membranes this system can be varied. In model calculations the resulting conditions are demonstrated.
Substances appearing in the metabolism of Falimint were analyzed quantitatively. The composition of metabolites is remarkable constant in various persons and dosages. The concentration of metabolites in urine accumulates after 2 h. Within 6 h the bulk of metabolites is eliminated.