Wolfgang Fritz

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The growing amount of international collaborations in research, education, and business fields has raised once again the demand for quality assurance of network connections, which the projects and applications are realized upon. A large spectrum of examples with diverse requirements is found in areas such as \emph{GRID} and \emph{cloud computing},(More)
Security is an essential business requirement towards communication networks and will play a major role in future internet concepts. Many researchers see security functionality as an integral part of a new architecture, which should be thought of as soon as the conceptional phase of any proposal. In this paper we discuss suggested security mechanisms for(More)
Novel large scale research projects often require cooperation between various different project partners that are spread among the entire world. They do not only need huge computing resources, but also a reliable network to operate on. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN is a representative example for such a project. Its experiments result in a vast(More)
A brownwater sample with a high content of humic substances (HS) was fractionated by multistage ultrafiltration (mst-UF) into five fractions with nominal molecular weights ranging from >30 to <1 kDa. Fractions were characterized with respect to molecular size distribution and structure. Size exclusion chromatography with online DOC detection revealed that(More)
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