Wolfgang Frisch

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The Wadi Dib magmatic complex is the oldest known alkaline ring complex in the Egyptian part of the Pan-African orogenic belt. Rb-Sr isotope data for seven samples suggest a Vendian age of 578=k16 Ma, and a 87Sr/S6Sr initial ratio of 0.7048±0.0010. The igneous complex has a diameter of 2 km and was emplaced within granodioritic Pan-African host rocks at the(More)
The Hafafit Metamorphic Complex (HMC) is a part of the Precambrian belt in the central Eastern Desert of Egypt. Two distinct metamorphic units were identified: gneisses and amphibolites. The gneisses are subdivided on mineralogical grounds into granitic gneiss, biotite-gneiss, hornblende-gneiss and psammitic gneiss. Using major elements discrimination(More)
Over the past 25 years, there has been a growing appreciation of the role that tectonic processes play in exhuming metamorphic rocks. This trend began with the discovery of highly attenuated crustal sections in the Basin and Range province and the recognition that attenuation was caused by regional-scale horizontal exten­ sion, as manifested by normal(More)
Very fast structural changes in dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine molecules forming a vesicular bilayer were investigated by means of a laser temperature-jump technique. After temperature increases of about 1 K within 1 ns, the solution turbidity increases with a time constant of about 4 ns. This time constant exhibited no appreciable temperature dependence(More)
1. Durch Azetylcholin und Doryl findet bei Dauerinfusionen eine mäßige Abnahme der Cholinesteraseaktivität statt. 2. Die Cholinesteraseaktivität steigt nach Gabe von blutdrucksteigernden Mitteln nicht an. 3. Eine Abhängigkeit der Cholinesteraseaktivität von der Blutdruckhöhe als Ausdruck eines Kreislaufregulationsmechanismus konnte nicht festgestellt(More)
Experiments simulating the non-destructive collection of cosmic dust are conducted at the laboratory of the Lehrstuhl fur Raumfahrttechnik (LRT) of the Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM). The electromagnetic accelerator setup is described, which is capable of obtaining an impact velocity between 10 and 400 m/s with particle masses up to 1 g. The(More)
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