Wolfgang Freund

9Arthur P Wunderlich
7Gregor Stuber
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In this paper we describe a fuzzy logic based approach for providing biologically based motivations to be used in evolutionary mobile robot learning. Takagi-Sugeno-Kang (TSK) fuzzy logic is used to motivate a small mobile robot to acquire complex behaviors and to perform environment recognition. This method is implemented and tested in behavior based(More)
OBJECTIVE Complex regional pain syndrome I (CRPS I) is a frequent and debilitating condition with unclear etiology. Hypothesizing that maladaptive central processes play a crucial role in CRPS, the current study set out to explore cerebral activation during a task to suppress the feeling of pain under constant painful stimulation. METHODS Ten individuals(More)
Two neuroimaging studies using fMRI were conducted in order to assess the cortical processes involved in the perception and suppression of pain. In the first study, 15 healthy subjects were stimulated with variable intensities of electrical pulses during a discrimination task. In the second study, the same subjects had to try to suppress the feeling of pain(More)
Chronic subjective tinnitus has been associated with aberrant activation of cortical areas involved in the perception of auditory information. This leads to the hypothesis that neural correlates of altered auditory perception may be found in tinnitus patients using functional magnetic resonance imaging. To study brain activation patterns due to acoustic(More)
INTRODUCTION Susceptibility to pain varies among individuals and may predispose to a higher risk for pain disorders. Thus, it is of interest to investigate subjects who exhibit higher resistance to pain. We therefore tested pain tolerance and assessed personality traits of ultra-marathon athletes who are able to run 4487 km (2789 mi) over 64 days without(More)
Pain modulation is an integral function of the nervous system. It is needed to adapt to chronic stimuli. To gain insights into pain suppression mechanisms, two studies concerning the suppression of the feeling of pain with different stimulation modalities (heat vs. electrical stimuli) but using the same stimulation paradigms were compared: 15 subjects each(More)
We present a novel transaction model for distributed safety-critical real-time applications in which transactions become increasingly critical under failures of subsequent incarnations. When a transaction-dependent criticality threshold has been reached the transaction is considered essentially critical or hard, i.e. the deadline has to be met lest the(More)
INTRODUCTION Extracranial MR neurography has so far mainly been used with 2D datasets. We investigated the use of 3D datasets for peripheral neurography of the sciatic nerve. METHODS A total of 40 thighs (20 healthy volunteers) were examined with a coronally oriented magnetization-prepared rapid acquisition gradient echo sequence with isotropic voxels of(More)
BACKGROUND During the extremely challenging 4,487 km ultramarathon TransEurope-FootRace 2009, runners showed considerable reduction of body weight. The effects of this endurance run on brain volume changes but also possible formation of brain edema or new lesions were explored by repeated magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies. METHODS A total of 15(More)