Wolfgang Franke

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The total transpiration is the sum of stomatal and epidermal transpiration. The latter consists of 1. the cuticular transpiration, or exhalation of water vapour through the cuticle of epidermis cells, and 2. the recently defined peristomatal transpiration (Seybold, 1961/62), which means the exhalation of water vapour through the guard-cells and their(More)
Focussing our attention on the mean value of 76.6% VC, it can be concluded that a minimum diet of 100 g of the sea fennel leaves per day provides a sufficient amount of vitamin C to meet the recommended daily allowance of 75 mg VC per person. Since for man, dehydroascorbic acid is as effective a vitamin as is ascorbic acid,Crithmum maritimum should be(More)
We discuss the prototyping language PROSET (Prototyping with Sets) as a language for experimental and evolutionary prototyping, focusing its attention on algorithm design. Some of PROSET’S features include generative communication, flexible exception handling and the integration of persistence. A discussion of some issues pertaining to the compiler and the(More)