Wolfgang Eichler

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BACKGROUND Measurement of functional residual capacity (FRC) is now possible at bedside, during mechanical ventilation. OBJECTIVES To determine the relationship of measured absolute and relative predicted FRC values to oxygenation and respiratory-system compliance, and to identify variables that influence FRC in ventilated patients after cardiac surgery.(More)
We evaluated the changes of tissue layer thickness in circumscribed superficial tissue areas with a 10-MHz A-mode and a 20-MHz B-mode ultrasound device under alterations in body posture and plasma volume to detect fluid shifts between the different compartments. In 20 male volunteers, we measured tissue thickness by A mode and corium and subcutis thickness(More)
BACKGROUND To counteract the contribution of angiotensin II to shock-induced ischaemic organ damage pharmacologic blockade of the renin-angiotensin-system (RAS) is currently under investigation. To evaluate potential side-effects of RAS blockade regarding capillary leak, we studied alterations in microvascular permeability in various organs during(More)
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