Wolfgang Eder

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The use of micro-computed tomography (μCT) provides a unique opportunity to look inside the shells of larger benthic foraminifera to investigate their structure by measuring linear and volumetric parameters. For this study, gamonts/schizonts and agamonts of the species Heterostegina depressa d'Orbigny were examined by μCT; each single chamber's volume was(More)
We study zero-bias spin separation in (Cd,Mn)Te/(Cd,Mg)Te diluted magnetic semiconductor structures. The spin current generated by electron gas heating under terahertz radiation is converted into a net electric current by applying an external magnetic field. The experiments show that the spin polarization of the magnetic ion system enhances drastically the(More)
The evaluation of CHRIS data of the AquiferEx testsites in Tunisia concerning their information content for advanced land use classifications will be presented. As first essential step, the data need a careful atmospheric correction. A new approach is developed for the two test-sites where atmospheric measurements were missing. The atmospheric parameters(More)
We investigated the symbiont-bearing benthic foraminifer Palaeonummulites venosus to determine the chamber building rate (CBR), test diameter increase rate (DIR), reproduction time and longevity using the ‘natural laboratory’ approach. This is based on the decomposition of monthly obtained frequency distributions of chamber number and test diameter into(More)
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