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The PERCS High-Performance Interconnect
The PERCS system was designed by IBM in response to a DARPA challenge that called for a high-productivity high-performance computing system. A major innovation in the PERCS design is the network thatExpand
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A survey of modern high-performance switching techniques
A survey of high-performance switch fabric architectures which incorporate fast packet switching as their underlying switching technique to handle various traffic types is presented. A descriptiveExpand
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Technologies and building blocks for fast packet forwarding
We provide a review of the state of the art and the future of packet processing and switching. The industry's response to the need for wire-speed packet processing devices whose function can beExpand
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Current issues in packet switch design
Addressing the ever growing capacity demand for packet switches, current research focuses on scheduling algorithms or buffer bandwidth reductions. Although these topics remain relevant, our positionExpand
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A Flexible Shared-Buffer Switch for ATM at Gb/s Rates
Abstract This paper presents the architecture of a very high-speed VLSI packet switch and its performance. The switch, called PRIZMA, is suited for broadband telecommunications, based on ATM, theExpand
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Analysis of packet switches with input and output queuing
A single-stage nonblocking N*N packet switch with both output and input queuing is considered. The limited queuing at the output ports resolves output port contention partially. Overflow at theExpand
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Reducing complexity in tree-like computer interconnection networks
Interconnection networks based on the k-ary n-tree topology are widely used in high-performance parallel computers. However, this topology is expensive and complex to build. In this paper we evaluateExpand
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Wavelength division multiplexed add/drop ring technology in corporate backbone networks
The Corporate Optical Backbone Network (COBNET) project is a joint research project within the ACTS program of the European Commission. The COBNET consortium is considering the use of advancedExpand
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Performance of packet switches with input and output queueing
A single-stage nonblocking N*N packet switch is considered. In order to resolve a certain degree of output-port contention, the switching fabric allows limited queueing at the output ports. OverflowExpand
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