Wolfgang Deiters

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Das Management von Geschäftsprozessen (häufig als „Business-Process-Engineering“ bezeichnet) und Workflow-Management sind Vorgehensweisen, um die Unternehmensorganisation sowie die Gestaltung von betrieblichen Anwendungssystemen auf die Geschäftsprozesse eines Unternehmens auszurichten. In diesem Aufsatz wird die Beziehung zwischen diesen beiden(More)
Management of business and software processes are areas of increasing interest, which evolved nearly independently from each other. In this article we present an approach to process management that has been applied to business and software processes and which, thereby, enabled cross-fertilization between both areas. The goal of this article is to report(More)
Today most of the workflow management approaches focus on centralized business processes that are being carried out within one orgaization.However, business practice demand that more and more inter-organizational processes have to be considered. Therefore we developed an approach for a decentralized process management basing on the concept of process model(More)
Prism is an experimental process-oriented environment, supporting methodical development, instantiation, and execution of software process models. This paper describes the Prism model and an architecture that captures this model in its various components. The architecture has been designed to hold a product software process description. the life-cycle of(More)