Wolfgang Cozzarini

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OBJECTIVES Complete heart block has not been reported in association with left ventricular hypertrabeculation (LVHT)/noncompaction, nail-patella syndrome (NPS), and mitochondrial myopathy (MMP). CASE REPORT A 47-year-old man with congenital NPS from a 17-bp deletion in exon 5 of the LMX1B gene, MMP from the A3243G mitochondrial DNA transition, and LVHT(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies suggest the use of non-invasive pressure support ventilation (NIPSV) in patients with acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema (ACPE). However, it remains unclear whether all patients with ACPE benefit from NIPSV. OBJECTIVES To investigate short-term effects of NIPSV on respiratory, hemodynamic and oxygenation parameters in patients(More)
Twelve deaf patients with obliterated or ossified cochleas received the extracochlear version of the Vienna Cochlear Implant. Four patients, 1 of them a child, developed open speech comprehension. Obliteration of the cochlea could not always be predicted by conventional tomography of the temporal bone. Short duration of deafness, wide dynamic range, and(More)
Due to the extraordinary high prevalence of peptic lesions in the upper gastrointestine in the long-term treatment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, a prophylaxis in patients belonging to high-risk groups is essential. Misoprostol, proton pump inhibitors and histamine 2-receptor antagonists have been evaluated in prospective studies. The efficacy(More)
Die außerordentlich hohe Prävalenz von peptischen Läsionen im oberen Gastrointestinaltrakt unter Langzeitanwendung von nichtsteroidalen Antirheumatika macht eine mukosaprotektive Begleitmedikation insbesondere in Patientenkollektiven mit erhöhtem Risiko unverzichtbar. In prospektiven Studien wurden Misoprostol, Protonenpumpeninhibitoren und(More)
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