Wolfgang Burkart

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Depleted uranium (DU), a waste product of uranium enrichment, has several civilian and military applications. It was used as armor-piercing ammunition in international military conflicts and was claimed to contribute to health problems, known as the Gulf War Syndrome and recently as the Balkan Syndrome. This led to renewed efforts to assess the(More)
Selected soil samples, collected in Kosovo locations where DU ammunition was expended during the 1999 Balkan conflict, have been investigated by secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), X-ray fluorescence imaging using a micro-beam (micro-XRF) and scanning electron microscopy equipped with an energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence detector (SEM-EDXRF), with(More)
Soil samples collected from locations in Kosovo where depleted uranium (DU) ammunition was expended during the 1999 Balkan conflict were analysed for uranium and plutonium isotopes content (234U, 235U, 236U, 238U, 238Pu, (239 + 240)Pu). The analyses were conducted using gamma spectrometry (235U, 238U), alpha spectrometry (238Pu, (239 + 240)Pu), inductively(More)
319 Patients are retrospectively competed, which underwent an inpatient or outpatient gynecological laparoscopy in 1992. Equality exists for martial status, education degree, nationality, anesthesiological risk and social structure. Outpatients are older, more rarely private assured, more often abdominal preoperated, have more children and live closer to(More)
The helix-coil equilibrium of DNA is delicately affected by the nature of the solvent. In this investigation the helical secondary structure was destabilized by an increasing concentration of urea. We found a linear dependence of the transition enthalpy deltaH on the urea concentration for calf thymus DNA as well as for salmon sperm DNA.
Phosphinoethers, Phosphinothioethers, Phosphinothioles, NMR Spectra The (diorganophosphinopropyl)alkyl ethers 1 -7 are prepared by hydrophosphination of allylalkyl ethers with secondary phosphines. The corresponding thioethers cannot be ob­ tained in a pure state by the same route. The nucleophilic ring opening of thiirane with lithium dialkyl phosphides,(More)
Radon, a member of the uranium decay chains, enters the indoor environment from the building subsoil, walls and the drinking water. In areas with high radium content of rocks and soil, considerable indoor levels of radon are measured. A sample of 32 conventional homes in Southeastern Switzerland, an area with generally high uranium concentrations in the(More)
Wegen der mit einer Schwangerschaft bei mütterlichem Diabetes verbundenen Gefahren wird für Diabetikerinnen die Planung einer Schwangerschaft gefordert. Dies gelingt nur, wenn sichere Verhütungsmethoden angewendet werden. Eine Sterilisation kommt nur bei Paaren in Frage, die ihren Familienplan verwirklicht haben, in Ausnahmefällen wird man einer(More)
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