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Measurements of carbon-14 in small samples of methane from major biogenic sources, from biomass burning, and in "clean air" samples from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres reveal that methane from ruminants contains contemporary carbon, whereas that from wetlands, pat bogs, rice fields, and tundra is somewhat, depleted in carbon-14. Atmospheric(More)
Preventing the formation of insoluble polyglutamine containing protein aggregates in neurons may represent an attractive therapeutic strategy to ameliorate Huntington's disease (HD). Therefore, the ability to screen for small molecules that suppress the self-assembly of huntingtin would have potential clinical and significant research applications. We have(More)
  • Barber Dc, A Dyke, +37 authors Roth K Kromer
  • 2012
Alley RB, Agustsdottir AM (2005) The 8k event: cause and consequences of a major Holocene abrupt climate change. Andrews JT (1998) Abrupt changes (Heinrich events) in late Quaternary North Atlantic marine environments: a history and review of data and concepts. (2004) Simulation of the cold climate event 8200 years ago by meltwater outburst from Lake(More)
Given the observed differences in the Pb isotopic composition of Mn crusts and nodules from different ocean basins (18), the residence time must be less than the ϳ10 3-year mixing time of the oceans [ W. but in the central Pacific may be sufficiently long to mix and integrate differing inputs from incoming water masses and the basin margins. Studies of 210(More)
Cathodoluminescence and fluorescence microscopy have been used to study vasogenic edema in experimentally induced brain tumors in rats. Both methods are suited for the demonstration of FITC- or TRITC-coupled antiserum, and thus allow the evaluation of serum protein extravasation. Cathodoluminescence is more time consuming and laborious than fluorescence(More)
The biological activity of 2 Graefenberg rings was tested in vitro by electrone microscopy and X-ray microanalysis. The investigation showed that Graefenberg rings made of silver contain a varying amount of copper. The Graefenberg rings showed dissociation of copper in vitro which probably also occurred in the uterine cavity. The effect of the copper on the(More)
Aortas with coarctation (isthmus stenosis) are obviously an ideal model to investigate pressure dependent changes of the aorta, as one can compare the proximal region (high pressure) with the distal region (low pressure). 7 aortas of patients aged from 2 months to 54 years were investigated. The concentrations of Na, Mg, P, S, C1, K, and Ca were determined(More)