Wolfgang A. Wall

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The analysis of large–scale nonlinear shell problems asks for parallel simulation approaches. One crucial part of efficient and well scalable parallel FE–simulations is the solver for the system of equations. Due to the inherent suitability for parallelization one is very much directed towards preconditioned iterative solvers. However thin walled structures(More)
SUMMARY This note revisits the derivation of the ALE form of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in order to retain insight into the nature of geometric conservation. It is shown that the flow equations can be written such that time derivatives of integrals over moving domains are avoided prior to discretisation. The geometric conservation law is(More)
Mortar finite element methods allow for a flexible and efficient coupling of arbitrary nonconforming interface meshes and are by now quite well established in nonlinear contact analysis. In this paper, a mortar method for three-dimensional (3D) finite deformation contact is presented. Our formulation is based on so-called dual Lagrange multipliers, which in(More)
This paper discusses special aspects of a three–dimensional formulation for the modelling of shell structures. Such a formulation offers various merits compared to 'classical' shell models. With respect to the realization of such a model one is on the other hand also confronted with a number of challenges. One challenge that is adressed in this paper is the(More)
The objective of this work is the development of a novel finite element formulation describing the contact behavior of slender beams in complex 3D contact configurations involving arbitrary beam-to-beam orientations. It is shown by means of a mathematically concise investigation of well-known beam contact models based on point-wise contact forces that these(More)