Wolf Zimmermann

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This article discusses algorithms for scheduling task graphs G = (V V E E) to LogP-machines. These algorithms depend on the granularity of G, i.e. on the ratio of computation (v) and communication times in the LogP cost model, and on the structure of G. W e deene a class of coarse grained task graphs that can be scheduled with a performance guarantee of 4 T(More)
We present a Hoare-style calculus for control-state Abstract State Machines (ASM) such that verification of control-state ASMs is possible. In particular, a Hoare-Triple {ϕ}A{ψ} for an ASM A means that if an initial state T satisfies the precondition ϕ and a final state F is reached by A, then the final state satisfies the postcondition ψ.(More)
Existing works on the construction of correct compilers have at least one of the following drawbacks: (i) correct compilers do not compile into machine code of existing processors. Instead they compile into programs of an abstract machine which ignores limitations and properties of real-life processors. (ii) the code generated by correct compilers is orders(More)
Resistance to chemotherapy is a major obstacle for curative treatment of human gastric cancer (GC). However, the underlying molecular mechanisms are largely unknown. Wingless-type MMTV integration site family members (WNTs) are secreted glycoproteins involved in embryogenesis and, on inappropriate expression in the adult, in cancer. Here, we show expression(More)
We describe an approach to mechanically prove the correct-ness of BURS speciications and show how such a tool can be connected with BURS based back-end generators 9]. The proofs are based on the operational semantics of both source and target system languages spec-iied by means of Abstract State Machines 14]. In 27] we decomposed the correctness condition(More)
In sequential computing the step from programming in machine code to programming in machine independent high level languages has been done for decades. Although high level programming languages are available for parallel machines today's parallel programs highly depend on the ar-chit ectures they are intended to run on. Designing efficient parallel programs(More)