Wolf Zimmermann

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Often, it is argued that some problems in data-flow analysis such as e.g. worst case execution time analysis are undecidable (because the halting problem is) and therefore only a conservative approximation of the desired information is possible. In this paper, we show that the semantics for some important real programming languages – in particular those(More)
The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been engineered to synthesize and secrete desulfato-hirudin (hirudin), a thrombin inhibitor from the leech Hirudo medicinalis. The synthetic gene coding for hirudin was expressed constitutively under the control of four size-variants of the yeast glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase promoter (GAP) and cloned into a(More)
We describe an approach to mechanically prove the correct-ness of BURS speciications and show how such a tool can be connected with BURS based back-end generators 9]. The proofs are based on the operational semantics of both source and target system languages spec-iied by means of Abstract State Machines 14]. In 27] we decomposed the correctness condition(More)
This article discusses algorithms for scheduling task graphs G V E to LogP machines These algorithms depend on the granularity of G i e on the ratio of computation v and communication times in the LogP cost model and on the structure of G We de ne a class of coarse grained task graphs that can be scheduled with a performance guarantee of Topt G where Topt G(More)
Today model checking of Web Services formulated in BPEL is often reduced by transforming BPEL-processes to Petri nets. These can be model checked using traditional approaches. If recursion is present in the BPEL model this approach hides some possible violations of the wished behaviour. We present an approach which allows the Web Service developer to(More)
In sequential computing the step from programming in machine code to programming in machine independent high level languages has been done for decades. Although high level programming languages are available for parallel machines today’s parallel programs highly depend on the archit ectures they are intended to run on. Designing efficient parallel programs(More)