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PHO2, MicroRNA399, and PHR1 Define a Phosphate-Signaling Pathway in Plants1[W][OA]
Inorganic phosphate (Pi)-signaling pathways in plants are still largely unknown. The Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) pho2 mutant overaccumulates Pi in leaves in Pi-replete conditions.Expand
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Extension of the Visualization Tool MapMan to Allow Statistical Analysis of Arrays, Display of Coresponding Genes, and Comparison with Known Responses1
MapMan is a user-driven tool that displays large genomics datasets onto diagrams of metabolic pathways or other processes. Here, we present new developments, including improvements of the geneExpand
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Genome-Wide Reprogramming of Primary and Secondary Metabolism, Protein Synthesis, Cellular Growth Processes, and the Regulatory Infrastructure of Arabidopsis in Response to Nitrogen1[w]
Transcriptome analysis, using Affymetrix ATH1 arrays and a real-time reverse transcription-PCR platform for >1,400 transcription factors, was performed to identify processes affected by long-termExpand
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Genome-wide reprogramming of metabolism and regulatory networks of Arabidopsis in response to phosphorus.
Affymetrix ATH1 arrays, large-scale real-time reverse transcription PCR of approximately 2200 transcription factor genes and other gene families, and analyses of metabolites and enzyme activitiesExpand
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Sugars and Circadian Regulation Make Major Contributions to the Global Regulation of Diurnal Gene Expression in Arabidopsis[W][OA]
The diurnal cycle strongly influences many plant metabolic and physiological processes. Arabidopsis thaliana rosettes were harvested six times during 12-h-light/12-h-dark treatments to investigateExpand
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Identification of Nutrient-Responsive Arabidopsis and Rapeseed MicroRNAs by Comprehensive Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Profiling and Small RNA Sequencing1[C][W][OA]
Comprehensive expression profiles of Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) MIRNA genes and mature microRNAs (miRs) are currently not available. We established a quantitative real-time polymerase chainExpand
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MicroRNA399 is a long-distance signal for the regulation of plant phosphate homeostasis
The presence of microRNA species in plant phloem sap suggests potential signaling roles by long-distance regulation of gene expression. Proof for such a role for a phloem-mobile microRNA is lacking.Expand
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Members of the LBD Family of Transcription Factors Repress Anthocyanin Synthesis and Affect Additional Nitrogen Responses in Arabidopsis[W][OA]
Nitrogen (N) and nitrate (NO3−) per se regulate many aspects of plant metabolism, growth, and development. N/NO3− also suppresses parts of secondary metabolism, including anthocyanin synthesis.Expand
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Real-time RT-PCR profiling of over 1400 Arabidopsis transcription factors: unprecedented sensitivity reveals novel root- and shoot-specific genes.
Summary To overcome the detection limits inherent to DNA array-based methods of transcriptome analysis, we developed a real-time reverse transcription (RT)-PCR-based resource for quantitativeExpand
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Sugar-induced increases in trehalose 6-phosphate are correlated with redox activation of ADPglucose pyrophosphorylase and higher rates of starch synthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Tre6P (trehalose 6-phosphate) is implicated in sugar-signalling pathways in plants, but its exact functions in vivo are uncertain. One of the main obstacles to discovering these functions is theExpand
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