Wolf Mutschler

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BACKGROUND The number of trauma centres using whole-body CT for early assessment of primary trauma is increasing. There is no evidence to suggest that use of whole-body CT has any effect on the outcome of patients with major trauma. We therefore compared the probability of survival in patients with blunt trauma who had whole-body CT during resuscitation(More)
BACKGROUND Proximal fracture of the humeral head is the third most frequent fracture in humans. Most (70%) of those affected are over 60 years old. It is hoped that advanced locking medullary screws or plates will reduce the risk of secondary dislocation of screws or fracture segments when the bone of the humeral head is osteoporotic. METHODS From January(More)
Die Autoren berichten über eine prospektive, multizentrische Studie zur operativen Behandlung frischer Verletzungen des thorakolumbalen Übergangs der Wirbelsäule. An der noch nicht abgeschlossenen Studie sind insgesamt 18 unfallchirurgische Kliniken in Deutschland und Österreich beteiligt; sie bilden die Arbeitsgemeinschaft „Wirbelsäule“ der Deutschen(More)
BACKGROUND Resuscitation of traumatic cardiorespiratory arrest patients (TCRA) is generally associated with poor outcome, however some authors report survival rates of more than 10% in blunt trauma patients. The purpose of this investigation was to determine predictive factors for mortality in trauma patients having received external chest compressions(More)
BACKGROUND Limb-sparing surgery with hemipelvic megaprosthetic replacement is often limited by the high rate of associated complications. The aim of this evaluation was to assess clinical and oncological findings with respect to type, treatment and outcome of post-operative complications. METHODS First results of 40 patients treated with individual MUTARS(More)
Tissue engineering of sizeable cell-scaffold constructs is limited by gradients in tissue quality from the periphery toward the center. Because homogenous delivery of oxygen to three-dimensional (3D) cell cultures remains an unsolved challenge, we hypothesized that uneven oxygen supply may impede uniform cellular growth on scaffolds. In this study we(More)
BACKGROUND Elastic, stable intramedullary nailing (ESIN) with titanium nails is a promising minimally treatment for displaced midclavicular fractures, which may be an alternative to plate fixation (ORIF) or even nonoperative treatment. We describe the surgical technique and outcome in 87 patients. METHODS The nail was inserted at the medial inferior end(More)
Das Einsatzgeschehen bei einem Massenanfall von Verletzten wird wesentlich durch die Anzahl und Versorgung der Patienten mit kritischen, jedoch potenziell überlebbaren Verletzungen bestimmt. Auch bei zunächst limitierten Ressourcen und eingeschränkter Individualversorgung kann ein schneller und gezielter Einsatz von präklinischen und klinischen(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Reduced microcirculation has been implicated in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Stem cells or endothelial progenitor cells are thought to contribute to tissue regeneration through neoangiogenesis or vasculogenesis in ischemia- or inflammatory-related diseases. We therefore hypothesized that adult stem cells(More)
Ninety percent of patients with minor head injury (MHI) who have cranial computed tomography (CCT) under the present clinical decision rules have normal scans. Serum concentrations of the astroglial protein S-100B were recently found to provide useful information, but these studies were too small to provide a statistically safe basis for changing the(More)