Wolf Dieter Schäfer

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We studied 16 hips (eight cadaver specimens) using arthrography, arthroscopy and anatomical dissection, under incremental traction of up to a maximum of 64 kg, to determine the relationship of the portals to nearby neurovascular structures. The distance of each arthroscopic portal (anterior, anterolateral, and posterolateral) to the associated neurovascular(More)
The aim of the following study was 1) to show the incidence of ophthalmic disorders in severely visually and mentally handicapped children retrospectively 2) to follow up the change in visual acuity over at least 2 years prospectively 3) to look at the effect of therapeutic concepts. 270 children of the "Blindeninstituts-stiftung Würzburg" were followed up(More)
Proptosis was measured with Hertel's apparatus in 430 persons ranging in age from 3 to over 60 years. They were divided into 12 age groups for males and 12 for females. Measurements were performed independently by two investigators. The average of all readings shows the left eye in males 0.49 mm in front of the right eye. In females the difference is 0.52(More)
In 252 patients with strabismus concomitans convergens the surgical method of the combined medial rectus recession and lateral rectus resection (Fig. 1) was studied retrospectively. The reduction of the deviation was compared with the added displacement of both muscles (Figs. 2 and 3) or the displacement of one single muscles (Table 1 and 2). Fig. 4 shows(More)
208 Kinder mit Leseund Rechtschreibstörungen werden oft zuerst dem Augenarzt vorgestellt. Dieser erhält damit eine große Verantwortung und muss beachten, dass neben der Legasthenie auch andere Störungen des Lesens und Schreibens vorliegen können. Deren Ursachen können unter anderem neurologische Erkrankungen, psychische Störungen oder Überforderungen sein.(More)
In the horizontal plane the angular velocity is fourtimes as much as in the circular. The circular eye movement is the result of a high coordination of all eye-muscles, the horizontal eye movement on the other side is the most simple one. In the horizontal plane the visual acuity of moving objects is binocular better than monocular. Whith movable head the(More)