Wolf-Dieter Groch

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Using a web browser without additional software and generating interactive high quality and high resolution images of bio-molecules is no longer a problem. Interactive visualization of 3D molecule structures by Internet browsers normally is not possible without additional software and the disadvantage of browser-based structure images (e.g. by a Java(More)
Particle beam treatment allows accurate dose delivery onto carcinogen tissue. The reachable accuracy is limited by patient alignment errors relative to the beam source. Errors can be corrected manually or by automatic comparison of two X-ray images to a CT-scan but correction mostly does not cover all degrees of freedom (DoF). In this contribution we(More)
To assure a correct position and orientation of the patient’s eye in radiation treatment, a new approach in image-guided radiotherapy is used to determine the misalignment of the eye and the respective correction for the patient support devices. New methods allow correcting the misalignment of the patient’s eye full-automatically. Therefore, metallic clips(More)
As exact dose delivery is essential for radiological cancer treatment, image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) methods are used to estimate corrections of the tumor alignment. This is often done through comparison of a computed tomography (CT) to the patient alignment visible in digital radiography images (DRs) acquired from within the treatment device. Digitally(More)
This wort !()CUses on imernal gll1J' In'el based n'D/lIation of image registrO/ion results. The 1II0timiiOll is to prO\"ide all approach for self diagnosis in the scope of 0 paliem alignmem syslem Ix.sed all rigid registration of real and recollslmcted X-~v images. As 01/ alilamOlic syslem should pral'ide expressil'e indicalors for Ihe correclness 0/ Ihe(More)
Most approaches use corresponding points to determining an object’s orientation from stereo-images, but this is not always possible. Imaging modalities that do not produce correspondences for different viewing angles, as in X-ray imaging, require other procedures. Our method works on contours in images that do not need to be equivalent in length or contain(More)
Besides several other factors, radiometric differences between a reference and a floating image greatly influence the achievable accuracy of image registration. In this work we derive the magnitude of registration inaccuracy coming from changes in radiometric properties. This is done for the example of medical X-ray image registration. We therefore estimate(More)
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