Wolf-Dieter Gerber

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PURPOSE This study aimed to correlate the general well-being of patients and their judgment about their dental appearance. MATERIALS AND METHODS Based on internationally accepted guidelines regarding dental esthetics, a questionnaire was developed to measure subjective assessments of dental appearance. Fourteen items defined an esthetic sum score (0 =(More)
Psychophysiological data support the concept that migraine is the result of cortical hypersensitivity, hyperactivity, and a lack of habituation. There is evidence that this is a brain-stem related information processing dysfunction. This cortical activity reflects a periodicity between 2 migraine attacks and it may be due to endogenous or exogenous factors.(More)
Migraine patients are characterized by increased amplitudes and reduced habituation of the contingent negative variation (CNV) response, especially before a migraine attack. As shown previously, migraine provoking and precipitating agents can cause CNV abnormalities. However, it is unclear whether the temporal relation to the migraine attack determines how(More)
It has been hypothesized that abnormalities of information processing in migraine may be attributed to impairment of cerebral maturation. However, the most evidences for this hypothesis have come from cross-sectional studies during childhood. We performed a longitudinal study and recorded contingent negative variation (CNV), an event-related slow cortical(More)
BACKGROUND Women with highly penetrant BRCA mutations have a 55-60% lifetime risk for breast cancer and a 16-59% lifetime risk for ovarian cancer. However, penetrance differs interindividually, indicating that environmental and behavioral factors may modify this risk. These include lifestyle factors such as physical activity status, dietary habits, and body(More)
OBJECTIVES One of the important prerequisites for successful social interaction is the willingness of each individual to cooperate socially. Using the ultimatum game, several studies have demonstrated that the process of decision-making to cooperate or to defeat in interaction with a partner is associated with activation of the dorsolateral prefrontal(More)
During the pain-free interval migraine patients display increased negative amplitudes in recordings of slow cortical potentials compared to healthy controls. This fact can be linked to diminished or absent habituation during the recording session. This difference in amplitude and habituation is at its maximum the day before the migraine attack. After the(More)
Response cost and token approach (RCT) within the scope of a summer camp training is an effective treatment program for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is likely that intensive RCT training influences networks responsible for ADHD symptoms. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) was carried out in 12 children with ADHD before and(More)
Neurophysiologic studies suggest that migraineurs without aura have a dysfunction of cortical information processing in the pain-free interval. In this study, the advanced method of nonlinear multielectrode sleep-EEG analysis is used to investigate changes of cortical activity in the preictal time span. Five patients (four women, one man; age range, 29 to(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was the determination of the relationships between neurophysiological and psychosocial factors within the pathogenesis of migraine. METHODS The contingent negative variation (CNV), parent-child interactions and theirs relationship were investigated in 30 families with a migraine child and 20 healthy families. RESULTS (1)(More)