Wojciech Zajac

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Enteric neurons are highly adaptive in their response to various pathological processes including inflammation, so the aim of this study was to describe the chemical coding of neurons in the ileal intramural ganglia in porcine proliferative enteropathy (PPE). Accordingly, juvenile Large White Polish pigs with clinically diagnosed Lawsonia intracellularis(More)
LiFePO 4 is considered to be one of the most promising cathode materials for lithium ion batteries for electric vehicle (EV) application. However, there are still a number of unsolved issues regarding the influence of Li and Fe-site substitution on the physicochemical properties of LiFePO 4. This is a review-type article, presenting results of our group,(More)
Each ganglion of the cervical part of the sympathetic trunk in white rat is supplied by several arteries of diameter of 15--30 micrometers. The arteries arise from three sources: 1) large vessels adjacent to the ganglia, 2) vascular net of connective and muscular tissues surrounding the ganglion, 3) vessels of nerves and interganglionic rami. The vascular(More)
Density of capillary network was examined in the course of nerves of frontal and rear extremities in the white rat, in various portions of the nerves. At the same levels, number of nervous fibers per mm2 of the area was scored as well as diameters of myelinated fibers was recorded in proximal and distal fragments of chosen nerves. Decreased density of(More)
Sources of blood supply and structure of vascular network were described in nerves of forelimbs and hindlimbs of 30 Wistar strain rats. The vessels were injected through the left ventricle of the heart with aqueous solution of gelatin, stained with black ink. Following fixation in formaldehyde samples were taken at various points of the median, ulnar,(More)
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