Wojciech Smigaj

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We propose an approach for the design of resonant cavities employed in magnetophotonic crystal (MPC) circulators and isolators. Starting from the analysis of a model circularly symmetric cavity, we show how to obtain a significant splitting of the eigenfrequencies of the two counterrotating cavity modes without introducing subdomains magnetized in opposite(More)
Many important partial differential equation problems in homogeneous media, such as those of acoustic or electromagnetic wave propagation, can be represented in the form of integral equations on the boundary of the domain of interest. In order to solve such problems, the boundary element method (BEM) can be applied. The advantage compared to(More)
A dielectric structure with effective permittivity and permeability close to -1 operating for propagative waves at optical wavelengths is proposed. This structure is a two-dimensional photonic crystal with refractive index -1, coated by appropriate antireflection gratings. Numerical simulations involving a flat lens made of this optimized crystal illustrate(More)
Abstract. Convolution quadrature (CQ) methods have enjoyed tremendous interest in recent years as an efficient tool for solving time-domain wave problems in unbounded domains via boundary integral equation techniques. In this paper we consider CQ type formulations for the parallel space-time evaluation of multistep or stiffly accurate Runge–Kutta rules for(More)
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