Wojciech Sankowski

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This article describes an iris recognition algorithm designed to analyze noisy iris biometric data. The methods forming part of the authentication process were developed and optimized by the authors using visible wavelength images of an eye taken under unconstrained conditions (at a different perspectives, illuminations, occlusion grades, etc.), mainly(More)
Iris recognition is accepted as one of the most efficient biometric method. Implementing this method to the practical system requires the special image preprocessing where the iris feature extraction plays a crucial role. Recognition is preceeded by iris localization which consists in finding the iris boundaries as well as eyelids. In this paper the short(More)
In this paper the Iris Finder program is presented for the first time. It is software for reliable iris localisation in images taken under visible light. The program is intended for researches on a system for automatic persons identification based on iris pattern. Performance of the software was verified on two databases. For the first database the program(More)
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