Wojciech Penczek

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We present a framework for verifying temporal and epistemic properties of multi-agent systems by means of bounded model checking. We use interpreted systems as underlying semantics. We give details of the proposed technique, and show how it can be applied to the "attacking generals problem", a typical example of oordination in multi-agent systems.
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We present TECTLK, a logic to specify knowledge and real time in multi-agent systems. We show that the model checking problem is decidable, and we present an algorithm for TECTLK bounded model checking based on a discretisation method. We exemplify the use of the technique by means of the "Railroad Crossing System", a popular example in the multi-agent(More)
Temporal logic of causal knowledge over general partially ordered structures is deened. The deenition of knowledge captures the change of state due to action executions. The structures are a variant of ow event structures including prime event structures and branching processes of Petri Nets. Modalities corresponding to the causality, independency, and(More)
We analyse different versions of the dining cryptographers protocol by means of automatic verication via model checking. Specically we model the protocol in terms of a network of communicating automata and verify that the protocol meets the anonymity requirements specied. Two different model checking techniques (ordered binary decision diagrams and(More)