Wojciech Kasprzak

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We developed a database called RNAJunction that contains structure and sequence information for RNA structural elements such as helical junctions, internal loops, bulges and loop-loop interactions. Our database provides a user-friendly way of searching structural elements by PDB code, structural classification, sequence, keyword or inter-helix angles. In(More)
MOTIVATION Stem Trace is one of the latest tools available in STRUCTURELAB, an RNA structure analysis computer workbench. The paradigm used in STRUCTURELAB views RNA structure determination as a problem of dealing with a database of a large number of computationally generated structures. Stem Trace provides the capability to analyze this data set in a(More)
Experimental studies revealed that the elements of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) 5'-untranslated leader region (5'-UTR) can fold in vitro into two alternative conformations, branched (BMH) and 'linearized' (LDI) and switch between them to achieve different functionality. In this study we computationally explored in detail, with our(More)
The bioinformatics revolution has led to an exponential increase in the availability of data on gene location, expression, and function for thousands of species. In the midst of this eruption of data, however, time and resources are often lacking for the analysis of information beyond that encoded by sequence alone. While proteins are the traditional(More)
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