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We show that the von Neumann–Lüders collapse rules in quantum mechanics always select the unique state that maximises the quantum relative entropy with respect to the premeasurement state, subject to the constraint that the postmeasurement state has to be compatible with the knowledge gained in the measurement. This way we provide an information theoretic(More)
This letter is motivated by the recent papers by Ditrich and Thiemann and, respectively, by Rovelli discussing the status of Quantum Geometry in the dynamical sector of Loop Quantum Geometry. Since the papers consider model examples, we also study the issue in the case of an example , namely on the Loop Quantum Cosmology model of space-isotropic universe.(More)
We are concerned with the issue of quantization of a scalar field in a diffeomor-phism invariant manner. We apply the method used in Loop Quantum Gravity. It relies on the specific choice of scalar field variables referred to as the polymer variables. The quantization, in our formulation, amounts to introducing the 'quantum' polymer *-star algebra and(More)
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