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Split-post dielectric resonators were used for the measurement of the complex permittivity and the complex permeability of planar, uniaxialy anisotropic, low- and medium-loss metamaterials at microwave frequencies. Several metamaterials with different metal patterns deposited on dielectric substrates by plasma deposition were investigated, including(More)
Application of the electromagnetic analysis by finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method coupled with the scalar diffraction (SD) method for the electromagnetic (EM) modeling of optical microscope imaging is introduced. FDTD method is applied for the modeling of scattering from a 2D target - typically an IC structure with size of elements comparable to(More)
Numerical solutions of coupled Maxwell and Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equations for a magnetized yttrium iron garnet (YIG) sphere acting as a one-stage filter are presented. The filter is analysed using finite-difference time-domain technique. Contrary to the state of the art, the study shows that the maximum electromagnetic power transmission through the YIG(More)
This paper presents a new type of an electromagnetic sensor for nondestructive testing of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer composites. The sensor utilizes coupled planar spiral inductors operating typically in the range of 10-500 MHz. The method proposed here shows some similarity to the eddy current technique, but as will be shown, the principles of(More)
A new model of microwave susceptors for FDTD simulations of electromagnetic heating phenomena is developed. Susceptors are thin metal coatings inside microwaveable food packages used to enhance the heating effects. Their modelling is crucial for accurate design of microwave ovens and food packages. It is shown that susceptors of typical parameters cannot be(More)
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