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AIM To assess the relationship between stereoscopic vision, visual perception, and microstructure of the corpus callosum (CC) and occipital white matter, 61 children born with a mean birth weight of 1024 g (SD 270 g) were subjected to detailed ophthalmologic evaluation, Developmental Test of Visual Perception (DTVP-3), and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) at(More)
To expand the knowledge about the consecutive expression of genes involved in the immune system development in preterm neonates and to verify if the environment changes the gene expression after birth we conducted a prospective study that included three cohorts: (A) extremely (gestational age (GA): 23-26 weeks; n = 41), (B) very (GA: 27-29 weeks; n = 39),(More)
This paper summarizes current knowledge about electrical impedance tomography (EIT) and its present and possible applications in clinical practice in pediatric respiratory medicine. EIT is a relatively new technique based on real-time monitoring of bioimpedance. Its possible application in clinical practice related to ventilation and perfusion monitoring in(More)
BACKGROUND Children born with extremely low birth weight (ELBW) have more respiratory tract complications during childhood. Little is known about respiratory and allergy problems in ELBW children at the threshold of adolescence. MATERIALS AND METHODS A follow-up study was conducted at the age of 11 among ELBW children (n=65) and age-matched controls(More)
BACKGROUND Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) remains a significant long-term complication of prematurity. A standardized method of pulmonary function testing is still not available in preschool children with BPD. We investigated the feasibility of Electrical Impedance Segmentography (EIS) monitoring in this group and the impact of bronchodilator response(More)
Very low birth weight is associated with long term neurodevelopmental complications. Macroscopic brain abnormalities in prematurity survivors have been investigated in several studies. However, there is limited data regarding local cerebral metabolic status and neurodevelopmental outcomes. The purpose of this study was to characterize the relationship(More)
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