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— A type-2 fuzzy set is characterized by a concept called footprint of uncertainty (FOU). It provides the extra mathematical dimension that equips type-2 fuzzy logic systems (FLSs) with the potential to outperform their type-1 counterparts. While a type-2 FLS has the capability to model more complex relationships, the output of a type-2 fuzzy inference(More)
Type-2 fuzzy sets, which are characterized by membership functions (MFs) that are themselves fuzzy, have been attracting interest. This paper focuses on advancing the understanding of interval type-2 fuzzy logic controllers (FLCs). First, a type-2 FLC is evolved using Genetic Algorithms (GAs). The type-2 FLC is then compared with another three GA evolved(More)
Type-2 fuzzy logic systems (FLSs) have been treated as a magic black box which can better handle uncertainties due to the footprint of uncertainty (FOU). Although the results in control applications are promising, the advantages of type-2 framework in fuzzy pattern classification is still unclear due to different forms of outputs produced by both systems.(More)