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In this paper, we investigate the effect of packet aggregation on the delay performance of the IEEE 802.11 Point Coordination Function (PCF) MAC. We intend to use packet aggregation to reduce polling overhead of 802.11 PCF and improve the delay performance. We consider two different polling schemes for assembling variable-length packets for transmission:(More)
The coverage problem for targets with directional sensor nodes has been studied in this paper. To improve the coverage rate for targets, we propose a Weighted Centralized Greedy Algorithm (WCGA). The weight function added in the WCGA could be adjusted according to different density of sensor nodes in directional sensor networks. A serious of experiments(More)
Traditionally, the assignment problem between tasks and processors is worked out by scheduling methods. In this paper, we have an innovative idea to construct a problem-solving environment for computational grids. To bridge the gap between the parallel processing technology and the heterogeneous computing environment, the grid computing resources are(More)
In recent years much attention has been given to providing the proportional delay differentiation through the packet scheduling. The issue of the performance of the scheduling algorithms also increases in importance when the line speed increases significantly as a result of the optical technology. In this paper we propose an efficient packet scheduling(More)