Wm. Steenken

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It has become increasingly evident during recent years, that bacteria along with other living forms are subject to modification, embraced under the term of "muta-tion." The recognition of types of "mutation" is now general among systematic bacteriologists, as is the employment of such terms as "smooth" and "rough" to define differences in colony formation(More)
In a period such as the present one, characterized by great advances in chemotherapy, interest in vaccines is at a low ebb. But in the case of tuberculosis, vaccination should probably play a greater part than it has in the experimental assay of new chemical remedies. We have felt that the animals ordinarily used in the laboratory have so little native(More)
The emergence of drug resistant strains of tubercle bacilli has proved to be one of the main drawbacks to the successful use of antimicrobial therapy in pulmonary tuberculosis. Resistant strain also may be obtained readily by in vitro methods. Nevertheless, it has proven difficult to study this phenomenon experimentally because of the inability to induce(More)