Wlodzimierz Drabent

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Certain properties of logic programs are inexpressible in terms of their declarative semantics. One example of such properties would be the actual form of procedure calls and successes which occur during computations of a program. They are often used by programmers in their informal reasoning. In this paper, the inductive assertion method for proving(More)
The paper presents a diagnosis tool for CLP programs. It deals with partial correct-ness w.r.t. speciications which describe procedure calls and successes. The space of possible speciications is restricted to a kind of regular types; we propose a generalization of the concept of types used in so called descriptive typing of logic programs. In particular we(More)
Algorithmic debugging, as presented by Shapiro, is an interactive process where the debugging system acquires knowledge about the expected meaning of a program being debugged and uses it to localize errors. This paper suggests a generalization of the language used to communicate with the debugger. In addition to the usual " yes " and " no " answers, formal(More)
The paper presents a new approach to the problem of completeness of the SLDNF-resolution. We propose a different reference theory that we call strict completion. This new concept of completion (comp*(P)) is based on a program transformation that given any program transforms it into a strict one (with the same computational behaviour) and the usual notion of(More)