Wlodzimierz Drabent

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Certain properties of logic programs are inexpressible in terms of their declarative semantics. One example of such properties would be the actual form of procedure calls and successes which occur during computations of a program. They are often used by programmers in their informal reasoning. In this paper, the inductive assertion method for proving(More)
We advocate a declarative approach to proving properties of logic programs. Total cor-rectness can be separated into correctness, completeness and clean termination; the latter includes non-floundering. Only clean termination depends on the operational semantics, in particular on the selection rule. We show how to deal with correctness and completeness in a(More)
The paper presents a diagnosis tool for CLP programs. It deals with partial correct-ness w.r.t. speciications which describe procedure calls and successes. The space of possible speciications is restricted to a kind of regular types; we propose a generalization of the concept of types used in so called descriptive typing of logic programs. In particular we(More)