Wladyslaw W. Socha

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The reactivities of three human anti-D monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with human, chimpanzee, and gorilla red blood cells (RBCs) were compared by quantitative radioimmunology and indirect immunofluorescence methods. The number of antigenic sites varies widely in gorillas (from 48,000-283,000), while in chimpanzees this number is very close to that observed in(More)
The antigenic closeness between the chimpanzee alloantigen Rc of the R-C-E-F system, and the human alloantigen Rho(D) suggests a phyloge-connection between their genes. To confirm at the molecular level the common origin of these genes, genomic DNA from 16 unrelated chimpanzees of various R-C-E-F phenotypes were digested by three restriction enzymes and(More)
As the chimpanzee R-C-E-F blood group system appears to be the chimpanzee counterpart of the human Rhesus (RH) system, we have tried to determine whether chimpanzee Rh-like genes encode R-C-E-F-related proteins. Chimpanzee genomic DNA, digested by any of eight endonucleases and hybridized with three Rh exon-specific probes, exhibits a high degree of(More)
Fifty-three human anti-D monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) revealed a striking diversity of reactions in tests with panels of chimpanzee red blood cells (RBCs) of various R-C-E-F blood group phenotypes (counterparts of the human Rh-Hr groups). The reactivities of these antibodies, which depended on the agglutination technique used, could be classified into four(More)
Rh-related transcripts present in bone marrow samples from several species of nonhuman primates (chimpanzee, gorilla, gibbon, crab-eating macaque) have been amplified by RT-polymerase chain reaction using primers deduced from the sequence of human RH genes. Nucleotide sequence analysis of the nonhuman transcripts revealed a high degree of similarity to(More)
A chimpanzee blood group system is defined by a set of isoimmune antisera, anti-Rc, anti-Cc, anti-Ec, anti-Fc, anti-Cc and anti-Cc1, that distinguish 19 blood types. Population analysis of 285 unrelated animals and the study of 21 chimpanzee families support the postulated model of inheritance by 9 allelic genes. There is a close relationship between the(More)