Wladyslaw Szczesniak

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We described a case of pregnancy, delivery and peurperium of 28 years old multipara with twins pregnancy in bicornuate, unicollis uterus. Each fetus was placed in separate horn of uterus. Biological mature pregnancy was delivered by cesarean section. During the peurperium the involution disturbances of one of the uterus horns were observed. The case was(More)
In this paper an adaptive evolutionary algorithm (AEA) for high-level synthesis, resulting in reduction of the power dissipation in CMOS circuits is presented. It enables us to design contemporary electronic circuits/systems with minimisation of the peak and average power consumption, which leads to reduction of the peak and average temperature of the(More)
In this paper, a new approach to improving the heat transfer in integrated circuits (ICs) is presented. It is based on improving the thermal conductivity of ICs by increasing the number of their external connections up to the level determined by the packaging standard. In order to attain this goal, a new hybrid evolutionary partitioning algorithm (HEPA) for(More)
This paper presents a BPD (Balanced Power Dissipation) heuristic scheduling algorithm applied to VLSI CMOS digital circuits/systems in order to reduce the global computational demand and provide balanced power dissipation of computational units of the designed digital VLSI CMOS system during the task assignment stage. It results in reduction of the average(More)
In the paper the problem of digital filter sensitivity analysis due to the finite word length representation of their coefficients is considered. To illustrate the presented problem the simulation of a FIR and 5-th order low pass elliptic IIR filters has been done in the Ptolemy Software Environment. The practical aim of this paper is showing the(More)
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