Wladimir Rodriguez

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A new approach for analyzing the similarity of dynamical systems is presented with applications to the analysis of voice. This approach is based on a fuzzy information space representation of the trajectories of the voice signal. The similarity between the segments of voice signal is determined based on similarity measures of the corresponding fuzzy(More)
— This paper discusses an application of multipopu-lation continuous genetic algorithms to learning of vocal tract configurations on a midsagittal plane. Speaker dependent and independent target signal corpora are formed and processed by the genetic approach, which evolves populations of articulatory vectors in order to approximate the acoustic traits of(More)
The speech inverse problem focuses on retrieving the best articulatory vectors for the task of synthesizing a target voice signal. In this research the problem is approached from a neuromotor level, and by means of some machine learning techniques. Specifically, speech articulators are represented on the midsagittal plane, and controlled by muscular(More)
Musculoskeletal complaints are common in patients with HIV and appear to increase in frequency with disease progression. Various forms of musculoskeletal manifestations are discussed, including arthritis, myositis, and osteomyelitis. The most common forms of musculoskeletal disease that occur in HIV patients are arthralgias and frank arthritis. A table(More)
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