Wladimir Peckar

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A parameter-free approach for non-rigid image registration based on elasticity theory is presented. In contrast to traditional physically-based numerical registration methods, no forces have to be computed from image data to drive the elastic deformation. Instead, displacements obtained with the help of mapping boundary structures in the source and target(More)
A two-step parameter-free approach for non-rigid medical image registration is presented. Displacements of boundary structures are computed in the rst step and then incorporated as hard constraints for elastic image deformation in the second step. In comparison to traditional non-parametric methods, no driving forces have to be computed from image data. The(More)
The paper presents a new parameter-free approach to non-rigid image registration, where displacements, obtained through a mapping of boundary structures in the source and target image, are incorporated as hard constraints into elastic image deformation. As a consequence, our approach does not contain any parameters of the deformation model (elastic(More)
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