Wladimir Bleuten

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Regular spatial patterns of sharply bounded ridges and hollows are frequently observed in peatlands and ask for an explanation in terms of underlying structuring processes. Simulation models suggest that spatial regularity of peatland patterns could be driven by an evapotranspiration-induced scale-dependent feedback (locally positive, longer-range negative)(More)
In the vicinity of a large ammonia emission area, dry and wet deposition of acidifying and eutrophying compounds onto Douglas Fir forests was studied by sampling throughfall, stemflow and bulk precipitation. Deposition amounts of NH(4)(+) and SO(4)(2-) were recognised to be among the highest of Central Europe, resulting in extremely high inputs of(More)
Relations between vegetation characteristics and eco-hydrological processes were assessed in a pristine mire in the valley of the Ob River (Western Siberia). Along a transect from the terrace scarp to the river, field data were collected on vegetation composition, peat stratigraphy, peat chemistry, hydrology and hydrochemistry. Based on floristic(More)
The article present an interesting attempt to define decomposition of peat in three different land unit types by radio isotopes of N and C and classical methods (ash content, C/N, Bulk Density, 14C ). The results of the different methods have been compared and combined in order to find clues for determination of peat decomposition rates related to land use.(More)
From 1974 till 1977 research was carried out in the Kromme Rijn area. The aim of this research was to observe nature and quantity of the surface water and the different influences on the surface water (e.g. inflow from Rhine water, waste water, etc.). On the basis of monthly gathered data about discharge, chemistry, phytoplankton and macrofauna evaluation(More)
The “semi-natural” type (NW), according to the vegetation composition obviously has been degraded. The question rise if the top”soil” of this NW type can be compared to the grassland types, which both are drained heavily. There is no information about the application level of manure, fertilizer and or lime, nothing mentioned about cattle grazing (and(More)
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